Our Approach

Our fare collection technology implementation approach is grounded on the principle that the fare collection system must be specified, procured and operated primarily to enable the transit operator to achieve its business goals and objectives.  

Our proven approach involves:

ü  Assessing the fare collection business needs and understanding key stakeholder requirements

ü  Determining optimal fare structures and policies to achieve these needs

ü  Selecting the fare media and fare collection system technologies to suit these fare structures and policies

ü  Determining the functional requirements of the fare collection system to apply these technologies

ü  Ultimately procuring and implementing that system

To ensure its complete involvement and buy-in to the study activities and the project recommendations, transit management will contribute to, review and approve the numerous Project Briefs that are developed during the project to mark the multiple project milestones. These Project Briefs progressively publish the work output of the review as it progresses. This approach ensures that the project recommendations are completely aligned with management expectations throughout the entire process.